Automations can be used for a number of tasks inside Crewdox. We are adding more and more automation possibilities regularly in order to ease manual work as much as we can. Below you can read about the current automation possibilities and how to set them up.

You find the automations page by going to Settings - Automations

Basic settings for all automations

All automations need a name. This could be anything, but we recommend that it should make sense. For example: Passed Line Check automation. In addition to the name, there has to be one user selected for the automation. 

Variable settings based on automation type

The next step is to select which task in the system that should activate the automation. In this example, I selected a Submitted form.

In the next step, I have added two conditions. The first one defines which form we want to automate. The second one states that the form has to be passed.

As a last step in the automation builder, we will decide what should happen if all the above conditions are met. In this case I want the automation to approve and update the applicable records.

That's it... Almost. Click Create, You will now be returned to the list of your automations and as you can see, our Line Check automation is on hold. All new automations are on hold until you activate it. Only when it shows Active will the automation do it's job. You can access this setting by clicking on the three dots on the right side.

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