In the Tasks, you will find everything that needs your attention in one way or another. This can for example be when a form has been submitted or when a course is completed. The Tasks list replaces the "Inbox" with more powerful features.

Task detail

To look into the task detail, click on the task row in any white area. This will expand the task with more information.

Filtering Tasks

By hovering the mouse pointer over certain text, it is possible to filter out tasks that are relevant to what you are working on for the time being. When a filter has been selected, it will be indicated above the task list as a "tag". By clicking on the x in the tag, the filter is removed and all tasks are visible again.

Task groups

Tasks are grouped by the task group in order to have a good overview.

Task icons

In the left side of the task list, there is an icon for each task. The color of the icon is intended to provide an easy overview of tasks that needs more attention. By clicking on a task row (on the white area), more information about the task will appear. Below are examples of tasks and its colors that may appear in the Task list. 

The philosophy behind the colors are:
- Green: It should be possible to automate an action
- Red: It should be possible to automate an action
- Amber: Automation is not recommended and should be checked manually


A green icon means that everything that has been performed is passed.

A red icon means that everything that has been performed is failed.

An amber icon means that there is a mix of passed and failed items or in case all are "not performed".

Attendance Lists

Attendance lists only has one possible status. Submitted which will show a green icon.


Documents submitted by crew only has one possible status. 

A document that comes as an email attachment will get an amber status.


Whenever a student has not attended an event as planned there will be an amber event icon.

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