Email Automation

Email Automation is a great way to reduce manual work as well as improving the overall compliance. There are many use cases where email automations can be beneficial. If a crew has failed a check for example, the failed form can be emailed immediately to the responsible manager or administrator to ensure that correct actions can be taken without delay. Another use case could be to send an email to a crew that has taken part in a training event with instructions to fill out a training feedback form.

Set up an email automation

  • Go to Settings - Automations

  • Click New Automation

  • Give the automation a name
  • Select an automation user (This can be anyone, but has to be selected)
  • Now select what will activate this automation (In this case a submitted form)

  • Add a condition that should be fulfilled for the automation

  • In the actions, select "Send by email"
  • Select which email template that should be used. Here is an article on how to set up an email template.
  • Select the receiver of the email
  • Select if the email should attach the failed form or not

  • Click create

  • The automation is now ready. By default, it will be on hold until you activate it
  • To activate the automation, click on the pen icon and change the status to "Active"

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