How do I add an attendance list?

  1. Select Records

First select which Records you wish to connect to this Attendance List with using the drop-down. 

2. Select Date. Now select the date for the Attendance List using the date-picker.  

3. The location/title field is the name of the attendance list and can be anything that makes sense to you.
Note that the location/title name will be shown in the inbox for the administrator and does work as a working title of the actual Attendance List.

4. Add attendees to the list
Click the button and start adding Crew to the list. If you wish to remove a crew from the list, use the trashcan icon to the right.

5. Crew signaturesClick on this row to open up a signature pop-up. Remember that every attendee needs to sign the list for it to get approved (This only applies to the web version of attendance lists. Using the iPad, attendees signatures are optional)
If a Crew has not signed the list you can still save it and add the signature afterwards. 

6. Add instructor signature

7. Submit, or Save? If you've got the correct Records, Date and Location and you also have everyone's signature then you are good to go. Submit the list using the Submit button.

If you are missing a signature or wish to go back to this list later on, then click Save. This list will now appear as In Progress.

8. In progress. All your saved Attendance lists will now appear as In progress in the Attendance List view. To open - simply click on it and you can now add or adjust the changes needed before submitting. 

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